Review: Relentless

Relentless by Karen Lynch
Series: Relentless #1
Release Date: December 26, 2013
Genres: YA paranormal
Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟

Sara Grey’s world shattered ten years ago when her father was brutally murdered. Now at seventeen, she is still haunted by memories of that day and driven by the need to understand why it happened. She lives a life full of secrets and her family and friends have no idea of the supernatural world she is immersed in or of Sara’s own very powerful gift.

In her quest for answers about her father’s death, Sara takes risks that expose her and her friends to danger and puts herself into the sights of a sadistic vampire. On the same fateful night she meets Nikolas, a warrior who turns Sara’s world upside down and is determined to protect her even if it’s the last thing she wants.

Sara’s life starts to spin out of control as she is hunted by an obsessed vampire, learns that her friends have secrets of their own and reels from the truth about her own ancestry. Sara has always been fiercely independent but in order to survive now she must open herself to others, to reveal her deepest secrets. And she must learn to trust the one person capable of breaking down the walls around her.

I miss paranormal YA books. It’s the genre I first started reading as a teenager and I have  a lot of happy memories with it. I’ve been searching for some new ones to read, and while I’ve stumbled upon some bad ones, there are some really good ones out there as well. This one falls firmly in the “okay” category, but with potential to grow!

This story follows Sara, a teenage girl who discovers she isn’t human, but a part of an ancient race of demon hunters. She is a bit naive, and I would have loved to see some more growth for her character. But since this is a trilogy, I’m hopeful we’ll see that in future books. She also had a habit of acting before thinking, which I hope changes as well.

I loved the relationship she has with her two best friends: Roland and Peter. It’s rare to find platonic relationships between a boy and a girl in YA books, so I was really glad that no one was harboring secrets feelings / love for each other. Roland and Peter brought some needed humor into the story which makes them my favorite characters. One thing I will says is that I wish there were some female friendships here. As of now I don’t think Sara has any women in her life, whether family or friends, and I hope that changes!

My favorite thing about this book is how light it was on the romance. While you know Sara and Nikolas are endgame, their romantic relationship by the end of book 1 is basically nonexistent. Some might not like that, but for me it was a blessing. They both care for and have respect for each other, but the author is not rushing their romance at all.

While I’m giving this three stars, it should be more like 3.5. I’m still planning on reading book 2 and I’m really excited to get to it actually. I hope some of the issues I had with this first book are addressed, but overall this was a solid YA paranormal book.

three stars

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