Pixar Book Tag

Hi there! Today I’m doing the Pixar Book Tag, where you basically match a book to a Pixar movie. Simple, I know. I love Pixar movies with all my heart, so this was really fun to do. Shout out to Chasing Faerytakes for creating the tag.

Starter question: What’s my favorite Pixar movie?

Image result for cars gif pixar

I have a lot of feeling on basically every Pixar movie, how am I supposed to pick a favorite?! I did manage to narrow it down to my top 3: Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, and Finding Nemo.

Toy Story: Your favorite childhood book.

I mean… this is basically the only book I still read that I read as a kid.

A Bug’s Life: A book that felt too similar to another book.

I know that as the series goes on it becomes its own, but this first book is literally Vampire Academy.

Monsters Inc.: A villain you can’t help but love.

THESE CHARACTERS. They are all so messed up but I love all of them. * heart eyes* Where is my sequel?!

Finding Nemo: Best family relationship.

Emmy’s family is by no means perfect. In fact, they have more than their share of issues throughout the book. But at the end of the day, all Emmy’s parents care about is that she’s happy. I think this is one of the best representations of loving parents in YA.

The Incredibles: Superpower of a character you wish you had.

Addison has this super power of being able to see the outcomes of a choice when she’s faced with one. I think we can all agree if we knew which option to take when we have a problem our lives would be so much easier.

Cars: Book where the characters go on a road trip.

I actually don’t know that many books with a road trip in it, but I remember being obsessed with this book after reading it.

Ratatouille: Favorite sidekick.

Macey, Liz, and Bex are who I want to have my back in life. These friendships are one of my favorites of any book I’ve ever read.

Wall-E: Favorite dystopian book.

This is a unique take on vampires. I was never a huge fan of dystopian stories, but this one was hands down the best one.

Up: Best love story.

*sobs for the rest of my life*

Brave: Most badass heroine.

I love Inej Ghafa more than life.

Inside Out: Book that gave you “all the feels.”

My favorite book of 2017 so far! (But I doubt that will change by the end of the year.)

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